Wordy Wednesday

This post was originally called “Tidbit Tuesday”, but I got lazy last night and forgot to finish it. I’m also on a bit of an alliteration kick lately. Anyway, here goes:

1. A gentle reminder that there are just 2.5 days left to vote for Very Bloggy to be named one of Circle of Moms Top 25 SF Bay Area Mom Blogs! You can vote once every 24 hours. Please tell your friends! I’d love to be at 160 votes when all is said and done. Thank you!

2. Yesterday was our 8th wedding anniversary, thanks for all who wished us well on Twitter and Facebook, it was a good day. We are having a special dinner out this Friday at one of our favorite non-kid-friendly restaurants. And, huz got a new laptop, giving me his old (but not very old at all and in great shape) one. Great anniversary gift. Not bronze, but oh well, I’ll take it anyway.

3. My garden is going crazy! But, I have some slugs and caterpillars attacking my lovely cauliflower plants. Any tried-and-true natural methods for keeping them at bay? Also, there’s a lot of those beetle-type bugs with the pincers on their butts. What is up with those things, and are they eating the plants, or just hiding out in them? Also, what are your best kale recipes? I have more than I know what to do with, but I love growing it, so I just keep on planting it, haha.

4. Also need some advice on transitioning the kiddo from sippy cups to regular cups. He can drink from a regular cup, but when I give him one, it becomes more of a toy than a beverage vehicle, and it’s been…messy. Those old school Tupperware cups with lids we had when we were kids would be perfect. Do they still make something like that? Since they’re “retro” now, they’re not exactly cost effective.

5. The child has been going through some kind of crazy growth spurt lately. He’s drinking milk like a fish. If fish drank milk. And he’s sleeping late in the morning. And he’s been very crabby (and by crabby, I mean wretched). And guess what? He now needs a whole new set of pants in size 4T, but they’re very hard to track down because it’s summertime. Oh well, it will be back-to-school time soon enough, and all the stores will be loaded with pants. In the meantime, he’ll be prepared for a flood.

6. BUT, kiddo bonus, he’s like THISCLOSE to mastering the whole potty thing, and just in time for his return to preschool in about 4 weeks (4 weeks to go still?! GAH). Hopefully it doesn’t set him back. I am kind of enjoying not having to buy Pull-Ups every 3 days.

Happy hump day.

6 comments on “Wordy Wednesday

  1. I haven’t tried it yet, but a fellow mom friend of mine suggested taking out the valves during the transition period between sippy cup and regular cup. And it’s free so definitely worth a try!

  2. I always told you and your brothers that you have to sit down like a grown up to drink out of a grown up cup. I do like the sippy cup suggestions better.

  3. The valve trick is a wonder. I only stumbled upon it because some of the sippy valves in the cups we had turned super grody.

    We also have one old school Tupperware cup–it’s from my grandma. I may put it in a shadowbox such is its age. Heh.

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