But I’m still not going to grow up.

You guys, I think I might take out my eyebrow ring.

I always told myself I’d take it out when I felt “too old” to have it in. That’s not so much what happened, as I just realized one day that eyebrow rings are a bit SOOOO 10 YEARS AGO, OMG.

The kids at Bowie’s preschool are very inquisitive about it. “Why do you have that thing on your eye?” I’m used to that.

My usual response is something to the tune of, “Well, it’s like an earring, only I wear it there instead of in my ear.”

Usually kids say, “Ok.” And we all move on. But, lately they are saying, “No, I mean WHY do you have it there?”

And for that I do not have an answer. “It was super cool, and all the cool kids were doing it in 2000 I SWEAR.”

I’ve had the thing in my face for 10 years now, and sometimes I forget it’s even there, it’s become such a part of the landscape. I suppose that’s enough rebellion for one young lady’s lifetime, yes?

Of course, now I can’t stop thinking about the old lady that came through my checkout line when I was 23 and working at Target. At first she seemed like the cool, understanding old lady type. “My, that’s a pretty bead there on that ring.”

“Oh, thank you.”

“But,” she added, as she walked away with her goods, “You do realize you’re going to have a scar. A SCAR.”

At the time, I was like yeah, no shit. But now, I’m like, crap, she was right.

Oh well. I’ll consider it a battle wound. White girl college rebellion is SERIOUS BUSINESS. Not for the weak and feeble. You might leave with a scar, A SCAR!

7 comments on “But I’m still not going to grow up.

  1. I always forget you even have that thing, i don’t even notice it anymore. Maybe it’s just time for a new ring to rejuvenate the piercing instead of removing the existing one.

  2. My white girl college rebellion was a bad tattoo on my foot. It’s seriously the ugliest tattoo I’ve ever seen. But at the time, it was so AWESOME! I’ve never regretted it though. Talk about scars…
    Keep the eyebrow ring a while longer.

  3. I had the same relationship with my nose and tongue piercings. One day I looked at them (well, actually two days, because they came out at different times…) and thought, “I’m done with you.” 🙂 Good luck with whatever you decide…and use vitamin E liberally to reduce scarring as much as possible. (Break open the capsules and put the oil from the inside over your skin. I did it with my nose piercing – and 2 nasty c-section scars – and it does fade them a bit…)

  4. From one Wisconsin-girl transplanted to CA to another, I, instead, went the tattoo route, and now think a nose/eyebrow piercing might’ve been better! I know what you are going through – my daughter tried to “pick” my tattoo off the other day when we finally had some nice weather and I had a tank-top on. Mine’s there forever, but you’ll have a nice little scar and a cool story to share…
    I don’t regret my tattoo, and I actually still kind of like it.
    But, I’m such a different person today, you know?
    We were so invincible in our past, right? We didn’t think about any of this, about getting old or explaining simple things in not so simple ways!

  5. Beth, I had my eyebrow pierced for 2 yrs. I had to take it out everytime I went to work and one day I just forgot to put it back in. Lily asks me once in a while why I have a “scar” on my eyebrow and I just tell her Mommy had a eyebrow ring and she tells me I’m goofy and moves on. R.J. points to it once in a while and says boo-boo but its no big thing. Unless you are sitting on my lap or right next to me you cant notice. If you decide to take it out I dont think you will even notice a scar.

  6. ps- Sarah, I have a tattoo as well and my kids want to know why I “colored” on my back. Ugh, I wish I never did it.

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