Something, SOMETHING, drew me to look up the word “tantrum” in the dictionary one day. (Hint: I’m pretty sure it was one of the one thousand tantrums Bowie throws each hour that might have been my inspiration. WHO CAN SAY.)

I was hoping to find some kind of origin for the word, something that…oh, I have no idea, maybe I was hoping for a clue on how to handle one. Like, maybe the origin of the word was Latin for “give the child a sedative and tie them to a chair until it kicks in”.

Apparently, the origin of the word is unknown. But, what the entry did say was that the first known usage of the word dated back to 1714. Which means us mamas have been dealing with tantrums for A MIGHTY LONG TIME. It took them until the 18th century to come up with a term for it, but they’ve been happening all along, I’d venture a guess. I can just picture some cave woman, throwing her basket of gathered goods on the ground and saying to her child, “I’m DONE. Just DONE.”

So, the next time you are in the throes, try to remind yourself that you are approximately the 483,349,376,484,290,4848th mama to have dealt with tantrums. I don’t know why, but for some reason that makes it seem easier to tolerate. Eventually the tantrum will end. And eventually he will be old enough that he won’t have them anymore. Maybe.

I also liked that one if the synonyms was “scene”. Because yes, it does happen to cause a scene. Even when you are in a crowd of fellow parents, even fellow parents of toddlers, you seem to get that “Do you even KNOW what you’re DOING?” look from people as your child pulls your hair, bites you, throws themselves to the floor, kicks, screams, slaps and throws toys at other kids. No, that’s ok, Complete Stranger, don’t offer to help, don’t give me a half-smile-of-sympathy, no please, really, just JUDGE ME.

I just hope the Age of the Tantrum is almost over. Not sure how many more I can take. (And somehow I want to sign on to do this for another kiddo? What is wrong with me?)

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  1. Even you threw tantrums and you were just the best toddler. It goes away – until the teen years, and then you are dealing with a whole other kind of tantrum.

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